Monday, 5 September 2016


Hey i’m sione taumoepeau and i’m here to tell you about my stories about when i became stranded in the forest with nowhere to go. If I was staying here then i should make a fire before it get’s dark, So i started to find rocks,stones and also some sticks to help with the fire. As i was walking I strolled upon a bag. This bag had a lock on it, and also is had some scary writing on the bag as well.

 Hello my name is Usain and I’m the fastest man on earth. I’m from Jamaica. I started running at a young age and have loved it ever since. As I got older and older I was getting faster by the minute. One day I was late to school so I ran my fastest so I didn’t get in trouble from the principal. As I was running my stomach was rumbling for some food but I didn’t worry about it too much, I had to get to school first. As I got to school the janitor was waiting for me at the door. He said, ”Usain, you got to get to school in time my man, I can’t keep doing this for you”. I replied with,  “sorry and I will try not to do it again.” I got inside and started to run to my class. I just got inside and then they called my name. I sat down and started to do my work. RRR III NNN GGG there goes the bell. I started to go and see what is in my bag. As I got to the hooks, my bag seemed to not be there. I tried to remember where I put my bag when I got here, then I realised that I forgot my bag in my room. I was so hungry that I could eat the grass. I sat down on the seat and looked at the other students eat. It just made me more hungry. I sat there while my stomach rumbles . 2 minutes later a teacher walked up to me and offered  me some food. He asked me if I wanted his food because he is not that hungry, I replied with a hard and fast, “Yes please.” I asked him if there is anything I can do. He replied with,”Yes there is something.” He told me to run a race against an 18 year old. I was just 14. I” accept your challenge.” He told us to run to a big tree and back. 1 2 3 GO! I started strong going up to the tree. As we got there I was too tired to even walk, but kept going cause I was so hungry. I caught up to this eighteen year old and thrashed him like nothing,piece of cake. The teacher was blown away. He gave me the lunch box. I thrashed that too. Piece of cake.

Hello my name is frank and i’m from tonga. This is a little story I told my folks back in the days. It was a cold and stormy night in tonga, It was so cold the my feet went numb. We were at home trying to keep warm, It was just me and mum living there at the old junk house. It was so cold in the house we needed eight heaters. Mum went and looked for some firewood so we don’t finish our power we have left. I went with her. As I stepped out of the junk house it was even colder. It was so cold outside that the grass turn to ice. I went back inside to put a lot of layers of clothing and some gum boots. My mum did the same. It turned out to be hot i'm the junk house so we walked like a frozen man in ice. We went with an ax to chop down a great big tree that my mum use to sit under and write about her future. It was so big that the tree could be the biggest tree on human earth. I help her chop it down. It took hour and hour.


Hey, I’m detective Puafisi and i’m looking out for danger. I help people be free from their problems and pain too. It’s hard to let go of your pain and problems because they just come back,but I help them conquer their fear of the problems. Today I got a phone call from the boss know as inspector fox. He is the best inspector in the community. He will help you at any cost. He call me and said that there is a problem,He also said to use  the five steps that solves every investigation. I didn’t know what he was talking about then it clicked. He was talking about using  what is taste like was it look like what it  sounds like what it smells like and also what is feels like to compete the investigation.


Malo e lelei, my name is tevita and my story is gonna be about Hiwi the kiwi. Hiwi the Kiwi came to our school to teach us how we can be safe in the ocean and how we can catch fish the right way. They traveled around New Zealand,school to school helping students and teachers also parents how to fish and also how to be safe around the ocean.

One important information they talk about was to bring ice if you are going fishing. Bringing ice can help. It can help by freshening the fish after you have caught them. Also you can put some salt on the fish so you can have that feeling when you take a bite from the fish.

The number two important thing they talk about is to bring a towel if you are going out to fish. They said to bring a towel so you can pick the fish up without hurting it or without digging your fingernails thought their scales. Also make sure that the towel you bring is wet. Make sure that the towel is wet so you don’t take off it’s protective layer.

Another thing they talk about was fun and great for kids who are under 11 years old. They sang a song to us and we felt blessed and grateful to have them in our presents. They sang the song a few times then they told  the whole school to sing along. The song went something like this” kai moana food from the sea,kaimoana to feled your family, fish for the future and there will always be more kaimoana for you and me.”

There was another important information they talk about is to save our seabirds. Short name for save our seabirds is S.O.S. We need to protect our sea bird at all times. Also we need to watch out for people who throw rubbish out to sea and also the oceans. I’ll tell you what would happen if there were plastic and rubbish in the sea and ocean,There are sea bird and sea birds are almost extended from existence. If they see plastic and rubbish in the sea or ocean then they might think it is fish, so they would come down and pick up the rubbish or plastic and eat it. When they eat the rubbish or plastic the rubbish will block entrance that the food comes throw. That will kill the bird,also help people stop water pollution.

Another important thing they talk about was that if you catch a fish, check how long it is. If it’s too short then place the fish back into the sea so that they can grow so they can be a bit bigger. If they are bigger than the length of the average fish then place it back into the ocean or sea so they can lay eggs.  

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

water pollution

For my stories today i’m going to be talking to u about water pollution. Water pollution comes from factories and farm too. The factories blow out smoke that goes out to the public air and shouts up to the clouds. From there the clouds shot down rain to the earth where there are rivers,lakes and oceans. As it comes down to the rivers,ocean and the lakes starts to get polluted. Water pollution can get more worst than that,it then starts to suffocate and kill the animals in the earth and most of the animals wind up on land.. When it’s doing that it’s also killing the oceans,lakes and rivers too.

AS for my next paragraph i would be talking about how we can eliminate water pollution. You can be eliminated by not pouring any oil and fat into the oceans,rivers and lakes. Also it can be eliminated by not throwing any rubbish down your toilets and sinks,Also don’t throw any paint to other forms of litter down the drain,sink,toilet,ocean,lakes and rivers too. Also watch out for people that are pouring or throwing any chemicals into the bodies waters. Also if u see rubbish inside the rivers,lakes and oceans don’t walk past the problem.

For my final and last paragraph i am going to tell u about how water pollution start?Water pollution started when people made factories also farms. Both of these buildings started water pollution. First for the farm,The farmers buy chemicals to make the grass grow faster for the cows but what they don’t know is that when it rains the chemicals wish down to the rivers,lakes and oceans too. It make the water turn into something you won’t like to see with your eyes. Now for the factories the factories make different thing like plastic lunch boxes to big containers.

Thank you for reading my stories if you made it to the end. My stories was about water pollution,It was about water pollution because i think people can stop pouring oil and chemicals into the bodies waters also oceans,rivers and lakes. Plus not pouring anything down the drain and sink too.